Revok Strikes Again at Nike World Headquarters

Revok MSK AWR has been crushing since before I was born. Not just in his home turf of California, but worldwide. MSK crew has always had a reputation for pushing the envelope and attempting depths of style and mind blowing spots like no one before. As a young writer I grew up in awe of their pieces, studying them until they inspired my own eureka moments. Some street writers don’t quite translate successfully into the professional art world but every member of the Mad Society Kings has done so, and with style and flair. Jason Revok is a prime example, crossing smoothly into other realms with next level contraptions and concepts. For example, last week at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, OR, he utilized his handmade signature machine that holds and sprays multiples cans at once, painting multiple colors simultaneously to create a scape of vivid colors, coming together to form light to dark gradients.

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