Virgil Abloh Sees the Error of His Ways

Wow!!! Well aren’t we all lucky. After a poor choice of wording and a collab with one of streetwear’s grand masters, Virgil came around. We guess it was Vogue’s hard hitting journalistic approach that lead to what we think is a sorry. As written in the Vogue article, he said, “I’m such a novice; I don’t realize that things can even go that far. I’m a little bit naive in that way. It was literally me in my kitchen just riffing on what I’d been thinking. I didn’t say it to be polarizing.” This is a testament to why authenticity is so important to us at @frank151. Streetwear and the culture that gave birth to it has been around long before people even came up with that term. What others call call “streetwear” we have called… well we didn’t call it anything, it was just what we liked, listened to and wore. We are glad Virgil saw the error of his ways, but hope that this serves as a reminder. You can’t manufacture REAL, it is a natural byproduct of our everyday lives.

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