Creative Chronicles: From Rags to Riches, Jason Muncer — aka Mr. Villin

A success story made for Hollywood, going from welfare cheques to building a multi-million dollar lifestyle empire.

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Muncer is an emerging Australian entrepreneur who cultivated a loyal following of the Villin brand through a robust online presence and a fearless approach to athleisure wear. Without a formal education, Muncer’s story truly defies the convention of success.

Muncer developed the Villin brand through a fearless determination to chase his dreams and surrounding himself with the “right people.” His conviction to pursue a vision, despite not having formal training or financial backing, proves anyone can accomplish the same with the right mindset. Such an unorthodox approach is what sets him apart in a competitive world of luxury and fashion.

Originally from South Africa, Muncer moved to Australia at the age of 7 and found himself struggling to fit in throughout his adolescence. He recalls being a misfit and a social outcast, often characterized by others as “living in the clouds.” He was socially awkward and struggled to connect with people, in order to make friends. Compounded by the challenges of dyslexia and ADD/ADHD, school was not for him. These childhood setbacks, however, became the drive in his fierce ambition to build the Villin empire and to inspire others.

After dropping out of school, he bounced from job to job until Unit Clothing, where he worked as a designer. This is when he discovered a love for creating and a passion for fashion. Inspired by its founder, Paul Everest, Muncer was motivated to achieve the same lifestyle he admired and the creative freedom to build his own brand. “Why hustle for others when you can be your own boss” was his motivation to step out on his own.

From then on, Villin was born out of passion and ambition. Muncer dedicated nearly 3 years to developing a brand that extends beyond its edgy athleisure aesthetic: a lifestyle. A vibe of its own.

To prove naysayers wrong, Muncer relied on his persistence and a think-outside-of-the-box approach to craft a niche amongst top luxury brands. Industry insiders deemed it impossible for a start-up to compete with the established fashion houses. So Muncer cultivated “hype” through strategically selected influencers and focused on establishing a strong social media presence. Word quickly got out as high-end brick-and-mortar stores began carrying its collection at a time when streetwear did not intersect with activewear, much less luxury.

With a philosophy of “bringing value so people will remember you,” the brand undoubtedly tapped into a market where fashion meets function. It was one of the first brands in Australia to occupy this space in the active or sportswear market with a flair of luxury. Evoking a spirit of rebellion and the fearless pursuit of individual freedom, Villin solidified its place in activewear with a look that goes from “invisible to invincible.” Inevitably, the demand skyrocketed.

Villin is now a multi-million dollar company that attracts a cult-like following. Loyal fans identify with the rebellious attitude and aspire to enjoy the same posh lifestyle in Muncer’s Instagram stories.

Muncer’s business model and relentless drive for success set him apart as a remarkable entrepreneur who thrives in the face of adversity. Despite a global pandemic, Villin continues to expand beyond fashion. This Australian empire will soon become a household name, worldwide.

In a recent interview with Frank 151 Jason Muncer, sheds light on his inspiration, motivation, and vision, giving us an intimate look into the secret behind his success.

How would you describe your design inspiration(s)?

My biggest inspiration has always been to create a movement through design, seeing through those who have inspired the world through design and fashion. Design, to me, is a method of expression. A state of mind. Bringing people together to create the story of a brand is my muse. To me, it’s important to create, not just a band, but a feeling that connects people.

What’s your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who’d ask, “Where do I start?”

Just start! I never had any experience in fashion or design, only a vision to create. We all have some levels of creativity within. As long as you believe it’s possible, you will find a way to manifest your vision into a reality. I think the biggest reason people don’t achieve is because they don’t even start.

How do you stay motivated when you make a mistake?

It’s hard. There are many speed bumps in creating anything successful. I guess the best way is to understand that failure is your greatest “Sensei.” It’s important to fail because it shows us what not to do next time. It’s the most valuable lesson life offers. So make those mistakes. You will make them early on so just keep moving on. That’s what’s most important.

Where do you see Villin in 5 years?

Villin is just the beginning! My team and I are currently working on building multiple brands as well as Villin franchises, from clubs to fashion brands that will all connect and come together to make something that is so much more than just fashion.

What’s the best thing about being your own boss and is it everything you imagined it’d be?

In life, freedom is the most important thing.






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