Creative Chronicles: Sydney’s Streetwise Brand Bleach Clothing

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In the bustling heart of Sydney, a city known for its vibrant culture and dynamic fashion scene, Bleach Street Clothing stands out as a beacon of street style and innovation. Since its inception, this  brand has captivated hypebeasters with its edgy designs, bold statements, and an unwavering commitment to quality & originality. Bleach Clothing seamlessly blends the gritty allure of streetwear with a level of sophisticated flair.

As Sydney continues to evolve as a global fashion hub, Bleach Clothing remains at the forefront, shaping trends and setting the standard for street culture in Australia and beyond.


Frank 151: How did Bleach Clothing come into existence? What inspired you to start the brand?

I had originally come up with about 30 other names, seeing what looked the most aesthetically pleasing, with some sort of logo to go with it. But I never came across something I really liked. Most shapes and symbols have been used to create most logos in existence. A lot is just rehashing or inspired by stuff. I wanted to create something unique, so instead of going for a standout logo, I took to the thought of the “lack thereof” a logo. Using the negative space, I stumbled upon the word BLEACH while playing with words during the logo creation. It felt and looked aesthetically pleasing and going over the idea I had; to bleach to renew, to make way for the negative space. The logo simply became the negative space in the word itself. Wiping away 2 lines in the word BL/EA/CH to give you this unique use of the negative space to create the concept.

Frank 151: Australia isn’t traditionally known as a hub for streetwear. How has the local culture influenced Bleach’s aesthetic and identity?

As an Australian kid, and knowing how multicultural Australia is, a lot of inspiration is fuelled by my upbringing, my big brother, the nooks and crannies I associate myself with, alongside music and arts. We like to delve into genres and themes, going for a certain palette, look, and mood for every release.

Frank 151: What sets Bleach Clothing apart from other streetwear brands, both locally and internationally?

We intentionally spend thousands on garment samples to test, break, adjust, and mend in any sort of way we can to step the extra line. We make everything by hand and in bulk; we’re out here cutting and sewing stuff that hasn’t been done yet, thinking outside the box of how things should fit. This allows us to deliver garments that have never been cut like this before. Our recent signature Wing Hood and Utility shorts are some of our major works.

Frank 151: Could you describe the typical Bleach Clothing customer? Who do you envision wearing your designs?

Every age and everyone. We’re here to BLEACH you, whoever you may be.

Frank 151: Collaborations are a big part of streetwear culture. Can you tell us about any exciting collaborations Bleach has undertaken or has planned for the future?

We’ve partnered with Sneaker Spa Sydney and ONEOFFSHOP to bring our lines to a store near you, based in Double Bay and Newtown. You can also catch a few teasers of an upcoming collab we have with another Aussie brand, but I think it’s best to keep it on the down-low at the moment.

Frank 151: Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry. How does Bleach Clothing approach sustainability in its production and operations?

We have just tested our 100% organic packaging, compostable bags made with corn. We aim to use as much recycled fabric as possible and are always finding new ways to be more sustainable as future projects roll out.

Frank 151: What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced in building Bleach Clothing, and how have you overcome them?

I guess marketing and reach, getting your name out there enough so that it sticks in that area or algorithm. Big cities can sweep you under the rug.

Frank 151: Streetwear often intersects with music, art, and other subcultures. How does Bleach Clothing engage with these communities?

Bleach has incorporated itself into the hip-hop world; we hold events for the upcoming scene and support the next big artists in Australia. We see ourselves not just as a clothing brand but as a hub where you can experience music, arts, and clothing. We even collaborate with artists for merch drops so artists can have an easier way to get their stuff out there.

Frank 151: What’s the creative process like at Bleech Clothing? How do you go from an idea to a finished collection?

A lot of it starts with either a sketch of a new garment, or I’ll be fiddling on the phone with different apps to create logos for tees. Some ideas get made and thrown in the vault for years until I suddenly fall in love with it. Sometimes it’s a beautiful mistake.

Frank 151: Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for Bleech Clothing? Any upcoming projects or goals you’re excited about?

We’ll be holding a couple of pop-ups with local artists and other brands over the next coming months. All to be announced.

Frank 151: Social media plays a significant role in modern fashion branding. How has Bleech utilized social platforms to connect with its audience and grow its presence?

We like to maintain a consistent aesthetic and color palette on a certain tone. We use trends and genres to help engage with our audience more effectively.

Frank 151: Finally, if you could sum up the essence of Bleech Clothing in a few words or a motto, what would it be?

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