The Powerpuff Girls x Nike SB Dunk Low Coming Soon

After a year of waiting, the three-pair Powerpuff Girls x Nike SB Dunk Low collection is finally almost here and ready to release before the holidays.

Nike SB partnered with the iconic cartoon over a year ago and has been teasing fans and consumers ever since. With three brand new color ways coming to the classic Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers, each pair is inspired by one of the Powerpuff Girls and made with sugar, spice and everything nice.

Arriving in “Blossom,” “Buttercup,” and “Bubbles,” the shoes will all sport the classic Nike Swoosh on the sides, special cartoon-inspired co-branded soles and insoles, as well as each respective Powderpuff Girls’ eyes on the backs of the sneakers.

Each variation of the collection also sports 2 different tags that are specifically branded for that variation. On the outside of the tongue, each pair of sneakers has a fresh new Nike SB logo patch that says the name of the shoes. While on the inside of the shoe’s tongue, there will be a co-branded tag on the left shoe and another tag on the right shoe which varies depending on which pair you purchase.

The “Blossom” Dunk Lows come in a bright pink, to match their Powerpuff Girl inspiration, with orange laces and Swooshes all tied together with black lining accents. The new Nike SB logo patch on the outside of the shoe’s tongues reads “Blossom,” while the inside label shows a bowl of “everything nice” that went into the creation of the shoes.

The “Buttercup” Dunk Lows have the same features with different variations. The “Buttercup” shoes are all green with black accents, laces and Swooshes. The Nike SB label on the front of the shoes say “Buttercup” underneath the brand logo, and the inside logo shows the “spices” ingredient for making the shoes.

Finally, the “Bubbles” Dunk Lows come in a sky blue with yellow Swooshes and laces as well as black lining. The front of the shoes proudly sports the Nike SB logo with “Bubbles” underneath it, along with the “Sugar” ingredient displayed on the inner tongue.

Each pair of shoes is set to come in a specifically-packaged box, with wrapping paper matching the Powerpuff Girl that inspired the pair of shoes. They are expected to retail at $135 per pair and are expected to release on December 14th on Nike’s website as well as in select skate shops.

Check out The Powerpuff Girls x Nike SB Dunk Low collection below.

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