Creative Chronicles: Daniel Dietrich The Creative Mind Behind Diamond Don Sunglasses

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Welcome to Diamond Don, where they take eyewear to the next level. They are all about creating dope, premium products that set you apart from the crowd. At Diamond Don,  founder Daniel Dietrich & his team go all out to use the top-tier materials for every product they make. The moment you rock a pair of our shades, you’ll feel the difference from the final touches they put on them to the way the make you fell when you check your self out accidently in the mirror while wearing them.

Their obsession with quality starts with our handpicked materials. We don’t cut corners – from ultra-clear lenses that give you a crisp view to meticulously designed frames that offer a flawless fit. Diamond Don sunglasses aren’t just about looking fresh; they’re built to last and provide maximum comfort.

Step up your style game with Diamond Don’s premium shades. Join the movement and see why we’re the choice for those who demand nothing but the best in their eyewear. Diamond Don is more than a brand – it’s a lifestyle. In today’s article we chat to Diamond Don founder Daniel Dietrich about his journey from skateboarding into the world of eyewear.

Frank 151: Can you please tell us about your skateboarding history? 

Diamond Don: Skateboarding for me started in 1988 when a friend showed me The Search for Animal Chin. I was instantly hooked. I came home and begged my parents to get me a board so I could start skating. That was a process like many kids had, and it consumed every part of my life, from my attitude to my style. I would wait by the mailbox for a new Thrasher or CCS to thumb through and see what was going on in the culture. About a year in, I discovered the Turf skatepark about 60 miles away, and it was on from there.


Frank 151: How did you come up with the idea to start a sunglasses company ?

Diamond Don:  Sunglasses, man. I was doing, and still am doing, clothing, but during that process, I did a limited run of sunglasses to try. They were horrible; I hated every part of them. That sparked an interest to see how good I could make them. I use the best of everything now, and you can completely tell. I wish I had a set of that first pair to send you… hahaha.


Frank 151: Can you share the origin story behind Diamond Don Sunglasses? 

Diamond Don: The brand, man. The name was my grandfather’s nickname. I always thought it was so sick. He smuggled diamonds from Peru to the United States, and his homies referred to him as Diamond Don. We try to set ourselves apart in the industry by using all materials that are reserved for high fashion—something that is not available in our market.


Frank 151: Innovation often drives creativity. How does Diamond Don Sunglasses incorporate innovation into its designs and business model to stay ahead in a competitive market? 

Diamond Don: Innovation? Honestly, I love classic, timeless designs. We’re a white tees and jeans kind of company. It’s all about the fit. From the ’80s, ’90s, 2000s to now.

Frank 151: The name “Diamond Don” suggests a sense of luxury and quality. How does this ethos translate into the craftsmanship and materials used in your sunglasses? 

Diamond Don: Sense of luxury? Oh yeah, dude. You can see quality; you can definitely feel quality. I’m super picky, and everyone here is too. As far as the sunglasses, acetate is the only option we need. The weight and feel are perfect. 

Frank 151: Sustainability is increasingly important in the fashion industry. How does Diamond Don Sunglasses approach sustainability in its production processes and materials sourcing? 

Diamond Don: Sustainability? Haha, this shit is fun! As soon as it’s not, we are dipping. Life is already way too complicated. We’re here to make stuff we like and have fun doing it. When that’s over, then so is the brand.

Frank 151: Fashion is often influenced by cultural trends and movements. How does Diamond Don Sunglasses stay attuned to these shifts, and how do they influence your design direction?

Diamond Don: Culture trends? Dude, white tees and jeans, bro… we are fashion.


Frank 151: Social media has transformed how brands interact with consumers. How does Diamond Don Sunglasses leverage platforms like Instagram and TikTok to connect with your audience and showcase your products? 

Diamond Don: Social media? That shit is so crazy. You need it now. I held off as long as I could. It’s so different from the early days. You have to adapt to the online thing, or you will sink. I need to improve this aspect of the brand for sure! Hit a homie up, people, and help me out!


Frank 151: The Creative Chronicles audience values authenticity. How does Diamond Don Sunglasses maintain authenticity in its brand identity and storytelling? 

Diamond Don: Authenticity…… We the real deal pavement pushers here. We like the core heads the people that pushed this shit and changed things for all these kids to be able to come up today. We love to remind people who made this shit possible. Nate Bosung dude……….you wouldn’t have a video part without that dude……….that cant be forgotten………ever. Kelch…….come on man. Diamond don never wants legends to die…… your respects homies



Frank 151: Building a successful brand requires effective leadership. What leadership principles guide Diamond Don Sunglasses, and how do they contribute to the brand’s growth and success? 

Diamond Don: Leadership… We run a homie program over here… in the sun…..we are short time in this life, go out and get you some.



Frank 151: Looking ahead, what exciting developments or projects can we expect from Diamond Don Sunglasses in the near future?

Diamond Don: Projects…… Working on the winter line now merino wool hats, 500gsm hoods and varsity jackets and goggles to keep the homies fresh.

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