Chapter 65: OpTic Forever Fwiz Excerpts

An excerpt from Fwiz in OpTic Evolution: Volume 1 from Chapter 65.

CT: How did you meet Hector and join OpTic?

FWIZ: You just start to see these lines really converging at the start of Modern Warfare 2, because of all this enthusiasm that led up in COD 4. So that’s how we went from 2009 to my meeting Hector online to my involvement with OpTic. His thing was, “esports is awesome.” We’re going to get into it. And we love it. We find it fun. And I love competition. And we also play game battles, you know, as a team and so forth. So he’s all about it. He’s like, “Dude, YouTube is the way. This is where a lot of stuff is happening and you need to seriously consider it.” So that’s when I started streaming, when I started uploading to YouTube and really caring because Hector really got me into it by saying, “You’ve got to care about this thing, there’s something happening over here. You’re missing it because you’re so, so hyper obsessed with the esports scene. How do we marry this community together where we’re just embracing Call of Duty gameplay video and every facet. And that’s where the conversation started to go. That’s when I joined OpTic. I joined OpTic as a content creator. I really wanted to start supporting the brand.

CT: So when you joined OpTic, were you still working at MLG?

FWIZ: It goes back to those tentacles. I had no idea what I was doing, so I was hedging. I was like, “OK, I’ll be a part of OpTic as a content creator, I’ll upload gameplay videos on YouTube, I’ll stream on, I’ll ref these matches, I’ll commentate. I’ve got to get a job in the gaming industry, so I’m gonna do all this shit and hopefully one of them sticks.” So I was doing all of it and it was so in the early days. I didn’t think, “Oh, I’m part of MLG, but I’m also an OpTic content creator.” I was just in the gaming industry trying to do whatever I could to make it.

Read the rest of Fwiz’s interview in Chapter 65, available here.

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