Camp Flog Gnaw 2019

Written by: Bernadette Angeles; Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival; Tyler, The Creator; Courtesy of: Goldenvoice

FRANK151 headed up the hill and through the hood of Los Angeles to partake in Tyler, The Creator’s 8th-Annual Camp Flog Gnaw 2019 festival located at the Dodgers Stadium for its second year in a row. As always the festival was full of good times with live music, carnival rides, food & beer gardens all around and an additional third stage of performances added to this year’s jamboree.

FRANK151 spoke with some of this year’s line-up and a surprise Camp Flog Gnaw attendee. We asked: Depending on your mood at this very moment, who would be your top three performers at your ‘dream’ music festival; past or present?” Music is a mood and depending on how you’re feeling, what you’re vibing, who you’re with, what’s going on in life and what you’re craving at the time can make a vast difference on who you want to watch perform live at that very moment. Check out all the photos below.

MIKE G‘s Top Picks:
Michael Jackson

Mike G; Photo by: @outherevisuals

H.E.R.‘s Top Picks:
Jimi Hendrix

H.E.R.; Photo by: Jake Richardson

CHOKER‘s Top Picks:
Death Grips (Choker, “I’ve never seen them perform. I have to.”)

Choker; Photo by: Jake Richardson

A Tribe Called Quest
Frank Ocean (Jaeden, “We’re hoping to see him tonight.” Frank151, “Is that your guess for the special headliner?” Jaeden, “No guess, just hoping.”)
Joy Division

Jaeden Martell actor best known for the movie IT; Photo by: Jake Richardson

***check out more photos from Camp Flog Gnaw below***

Tyler, The Creator as IGOR; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
Willow Smith; Photo by: Jake Richardson
Elephant Gym; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
IGOR; Photo by: Jake Richardson
Santi; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
Mike G being sweet and taking pictures with fans; Photo by: Bernadette Angeles
Choker; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
LeftBrain; Photo by: Bernadette Angeles
Slowthai; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
Mike G & LeftBrain; Photo by: Jake Richardson
YG & Stormy Daniels; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
H.E.R.; Photo by: Jake Richardson
Taco; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
Drake; Photo by: Jake Richardson
Willow Smith; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
Tyler, The Creator; Photo by: Jake Richardson
Goldlink; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
Rides Galore… Photo by: Jake Richardson
21 Savage; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
JuiceWorld; Photo by: Bernadette Angeles
Tommy Genesis; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
People-Goers; Photo by: Jake Richardson
Laundry Day; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
People. Lots of people.; Photo by: Jake Richardson
Summer Walker; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
Na-Kel Smith; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
Dominc Fike; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
The beautiful view of downtown Los Angeles; Photo by: B
DaBaby; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
Earl Sweatshirt; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival
Lead Singer Syd from The Internet; Courtesy of Goldenvoice
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