Hustle & High Hopes: Puma Rise Launch Event

Laura Stylez, Envsn Chief Music Curator

This past Thursday saw a collaborative effort between Puma and Envsn called Hustle & High Hopes. The event catered to young women coming up in both the streetwear and media realms. It was free to attend, open to the public, and included free giveaways as well. We caught up with Laura Stylez, Chief Music Curator for Envsn, to learn more about what she and the organization does. Stylez has worked on numerous radio shows, done extensive voiceover work, commercials, and video games. This keeps her fully entrenched in the world of media among other successful women, despite coming up in a largely male-dominated environment. She is quick to point out, however, that women have incredible and underestimated buying power, often supporting the sales of “male” brands as well. Stylez admits that when she came up, there wasn’t a business-minded hub for young women and girls to learn financial literacy, as well as how to navigate social media and the internet, among other skills. Now, along with Envsn and Puma, numerous workshops are offered including a wide array of topics from mental health to making it in a media-consumed world. The primary goal of these workshops is to bring successful women together and educate girls hoping to make it in the field, as well as sponsoring girls with ideas for up and coming brands without the means to enact those ideas. Along with workshops, events such as festivals are curated to include female performers and DJs. A special shout goes out to Sharifa Murdock, the founder and CEO of Envsn.

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