The Las Vegas Project Show Takeaways

As the world moves back to some sense of normalcy, trade shows are trying to follow in step. While walking the Las Vegas Project Show (which only took a day.) Here are our top 10 takeaways.

  1. We love weed, you love weed, we all love weed and saw some creative ways of showing it like:
    @reasonclothing @weddingcake2014 @lovezaza420 @rs1newyork
  2. It lacked a sense of seasonality so we’re not sure what season you were looking at, but then again this seasonless concept seems to be part of our new normal anyway.
  3. It was great to see @XLarge_us back in the swing of things. I mean if we are just rebooting back-in-the-day streetwear brands, why not reboot one of the most iconic ones? We chopped it up for a bit and we think there may be more to come from the collaborative side.
  4. We saw @CAT_wrk, the construction company throw their boots into the fashion ring. We’ll be paying attention to how they handle the workload.
  5. We saw some favs and friends of Frank like @Primitiveskate and @RipandDip which are always a good look and delivered as usual.
    @primitiveskate @ripndip
  6. We liked @Rothco_Brand commitment to the classics but noticed their attempt to branch out into some fashion items like a flannel-lined duffle.
  7. We dug the effort of @cookman.usa to be innovative with their booth. The show used to be full of very cool booths that added to the show experience.
  8. Hotel Rooms were cheap AF. The Bellagio for less than $200 a night was a score.
  9. When we say there were some old-school brands, we meant like @sergioTacchini and @rothco_brand.
  10. We were stoked to see Iconic brands like @Xlarge_us blend with up and newcomers like @richwierdo, it made us feel as if there is more to come.



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