The Fashion of Jenna Ortega: Adidas Brand Ambassador x Wednesday Addams

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It’s no surprise that hobbies, experience, and taste influence personal style as Jenna Ortega is the perfect example of individually distinct fashion & finesse. From the beginning of her career in front of the camera at the age of nine, Jenna’s fashion has evolved in the public eye in the same way as her profession yet still remaining true to herself.

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Celebrities have always provided the means for the fashion industry to broadcast their accessories & apparel, but that doesn’t mean celebrities don’t have input in what they wear. Most of the biggest stylists in the industry including Law Roach, Kate Young, Rob Zangardi, Rebecca Corbin-Murray, Marni Senofonte, and Elizabeth Stewart will confess that fashion styling is a collaboration between them and their clients. That includes Jenna Ortega and her stylist Enrique Melendez.

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Melendez said in an interview with Vogue, “We’ve been working together since 2016, when she was 14, and it’s such a joy to see her in her element now.” The LA-based stylist told Vogue of their creative partnership, “Initially, when we met, I was like, ‘how am I supposed to dress someone so young?’ But once we got to know each other, I began to understand her mind and the brands that work for her, and it just blossomed into what it is today: a true collaboration. And as she gets older, she doesn’t hold back on what she really wants – I love that.”

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Not only do red-carpet appearances express the individual styles of celebrities, but so does the work that they do. There’s no denying that after being cast as Wednesday Addams in the new Netflix hit tv show, Jenna Ortega has welcomed gothic chique into her own personal sense of style. Ortega recently told InStyle, “I do think that Wednesday changed my taste a lot… I have a hard time getting her off of me, at least clothing-wise.” Though portraying the role of Wednesday has pushed Jenna Ortega into goth elegance, her background in playing soccer continues to live on in her choice of apparel.

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This year it was announced that Jenna Ortega would be brand ambassador for Adidas. She told New York’s ‘The Cut’, “It’s really, really exciting for me and my family as well. We were a really big soccer family, and we would have our little competitions on the weekend. And we always wore Adidas to practices. Even going on sets for the first time, and you’re just looking for something that feels like pajamas, I would put on some joggers, and it was just my go-to look. So signing on to Adidas and to be the face of their new line is a really, really surreal moment. It’s one of those ones where you realize how lucky you are and how crazy life can be.”

Jenna Ortega might be thankful for how lucky and crazy life can be, but we’re thankful for her doing Wednesday Addams justice.

Photo: Courtesy of Adidas
Photo: Courtesy of Adidas
Photo: Courtesy of Adidas
Photo: Courtesy of Adidas

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