White Claw is Entering the Vodka Game

White Claw Hard Seltzer is now making its debut in the vodka universe.

“We disrupted the industry, creating an entirely new taste in the Hard Seltzer category with White Claw by bringing new thinking, technology breakthroughs, and our unmatched iconic flavors to market,” Anthony von Mandl, founder, and CEO of White Claw’s parent company Mark Anthony Group, said. “The same innovative spirit and technological know-how inspired the creation of our premium vodka—we believe the vodka category is ready for its White Claw moment.”

This vodka is billed as the first Triple Wave Filtered vodka on the planet, White Claw Premium Vodka, is the end result of years trying to crack the code of new filtration tech those involved believe could bring on a vodka revival of sorts.

But White Claw’s expansion into the vodka universe doesn’t stop there. In addition to its Triple Wave Filtered rollout, White Claw has also put together an assortment of Vodka + Soda ready-to-consume cans.

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