Jamie Foxx Reportedly Targeted in $40K Scam While Filming Netflix Movie

Jamie Foxx has been the target of an alleged $40,000 scam while filming his upcoming Netflix movie Back in Action.

The forthcoming action-comedy flick involves Foxx starring alongside Cameron Diaz and is expected to be released on the streaming platform in early 2024. However, an alleged scheme to steal nearly $40K from Foxx might have caused the production to halt.

Foxx reportedly fired several production staff members, including an executive producer, two directors, and his own driver. The reasoning behind his decisions was connected to the theft.

An insider speaking to the newspaper claimed the film has been nothing short of a “nightmare” and “there have been a lot of delays” with “an investigation into everything going on.”

The source also noted that Foxx was offered a Rolex watch as part of the deal. In response to the recent incident, Netflix bosses have reached out to authorities due to similar incidents with other actors.

The inside claimed Foxx has caused many issues on set following the incident. “People will be glad when this thing finally wraps,” the source added.


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