The Art Brothers

You wouldn’t notice it, but many of your favorite music videos were created by the ART BROTHERS. Kid ART (Director) & CARTier Brown (EP/Writer), two brothers from Manhattan who have taken the music video industry by storm to generate over 1Billion views shooting the biggest names like Drake, French Montana, Meek Mill, Cardi B, and T.I. to name a few.  

Starting from humble beginnings, the Art Brothers started by shooting their friend’s music videos in Harlem, which eventually caught the eye of French Montana who was working on his album.  After working their way up the ranks, they got in front of Jay-Z who financed their first short film for $100k. The director Kid Art soon became a household favorite as celebrities raced to book him for their next projects. 

Under their studios, Chariot Pictures they co-founded with their partner Andrew Goor, the group has gone on to produce videos that have garnered millions of views each, shot commercials for Pharell Williams brand Billionaire Boys Club, the cognac brand Courvoisier, and helped usher in a “dark mode” style that has now shaped music video standards in recent years.  

“Nobody was shooting music videos that dark before us. Everyone was on this Brittany Spears studio shit.” says Cartier Brown. “Now the whole industry shifted.
Chariot Pictures was recently nominated for their “Going Bad” video starring Meek Mill ft. Drake, which received praise for ending one of the biggest beefs in hip hop history. Afterwards, the Art Brothers wrote and directed a powerful short film for Jadakiss, that featured a star-studded classic NYC cast that included actors Peter Greene, Hasan Johnson, and the rap metal king Skam Dust. When casting the Jadakiss short film, Kid Art says “It’s important for us to work with real NEW YORKERS tekken 3 for our projects. Impossible to recreate, I don’t care how many acting classes you took.” Jadakiss Short Film – “ME

Now for their next frontier, the Art Brothers have their eyes set on a new prize — Hollywood.

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