Drake Removes All Kendrick Lamar Diss Tracks on Instagram

One month has passed since fans last heard any developments in the rapid-fire beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The tension escalated with Drake’s release of “The Heart Part 6,” a direct nod to Kendrick’s iconic freestyle, following Kendrick’s track “Not Like Us,” which shattered Drake’s Spotify record. With many online declaring Kendrick the victor after “Not Like Us,” the feud intensified.

However, Drake seemingly diffused the situation by hinting at a shift towards “summer vibes” in his music. This move was underscored by his recent Instagram activity, where he quietly removed all traces of diss tracks aimed at Kendrick. Instead, he shared photos from his Toronto mansion with a cryptic caption, “The only yes man around me is my Rolex dealer.”

Interestingly, this social media move coincided with Kendrick’s announcement of an upcoming Ken & Friends pop-up show in Los Angeles with pgLang and Free Lunch on Juneteenth. Whether this event will reignite the beef or not remains uncertain.

As Drake deletes his posts, speculation swirls about whether this signals a PR strategy for a larger project or an acknowledgment of defeat. Fans eagerly await the next move from both rappers.

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