Hollyweed and Illinois’s New Marijuana Legalization Policies

New Years Day 2020 marks the historic anniversary of some highly important events. LA’s infamous Hollywood sign was changed to “Hollyweed” on New Years Day 2k17. Three years ago, the general public woke up to a new year and a new landmark.

Coincidentally, on Hollyweed’s third anniversary, Illinois begins its first wave of marijuana-related legal pardons totaling over 11,000. Additionally, Illinois marks the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana use. Will the new decade mark a new mindset on legalization and marijuana use in general?

Almost 3.2 million dollars was made on the first day alone in marijuana-related product sales. The map below illustrates the current state of legalized recreational and medical marijuana.

The days following the 2017 Hollyweed debacle ensued in a near manhunt for the culprit of the witty mix-up. Beneath the obvious surface, the public misspell had a deeper meaning. The new E’s were fashioned from canvas embellished with peace signs and a heart. The artist’s message? Peace and love, man!

Here at Frank, we love the spirit of art with meaning, as well as something so topical. It’ll definitely remain a part of our history and culture.

Overall, we love to see the more progressive side of the law regarding legalization and pardon policies. Keep this energy for the rest of 2020!

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