Recap: Peter Paid x Bronx Brewery

If you’re unfamiliar with Peter Paid and his work, I recommend you do your Googles ASAP. Did them? Okay so now you’ll understand why when we got word that he was partnering up with The Bronx Brewery for a month-long exhibition at Hudson Yards curated by Kate Storch we didn’t walk, we ran to go check it out.

The event showcased Paid’s eclectic collection, beautiful lettering style, and love for hip-hop. Having the legend DJ Large Professor on opening night helped push the vision.

The Bronx Brewery, nestled in the heart of Hudson Yards, provided the perfect backdrop for Paid’s masterpieces. The industrial-chic setting complemented the electric nature of the artwork, creating an immersive atmosphere that resonated with the artist’s vision.

Peter Paid’s exhibit at the Bronx Brewery was not just a visual feast; it’s a celebration of artistic expression, community engagement, and the boundless possibilities that arise when creativity knows no limits. As the month-long event continues, attendees are left with a profound appreciation for Peter Paid’s contribution to the contemporary art scene, eagerly anticipating his next venture into the realm of imagination and inspiration. Attendees can also purchase limited edition Pilsner beer cans, designed by Peter Paid. Only 480 cans are available and we got numbers 25 and 26.

We also had the pleasure of chopping it up with Peter Paid before the exhibit’s opening day and got schooled on how this man has become a legend. Check it out!

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