The ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith” Series, Starring Childish Gambino & Maya Erskine Gets February Release Date

Donald Glover’s long awaited reprisal of Brad Pitt’s role in Mr. & Mrs. Smith finally gets a release date on Amazon Prime.Amazon’s streaming platform revealed on Thursday that Donald Glover’s reinterpretation of the 2005 film is set to debut on Friday, February 2, featuring all eight episodes available for binge-watching.Originally scheduled for release this month, as hinted during a Prime Day sneak peek in July, the remake’s premiere was delayed to “early 2024” in September. Amazon didn’t specify the cause for the delay, but it coincided with strikes by the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild, restricting actors and writers from promoting their projects.Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s renowned action film, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” which first captivated audiences in 2005, is being revisited with an Amazon Prime Video television adaptation.While sharing the title with the original movie, the series introduces a fresh narrative centered around two unacquainted individuals, John and Jane. Individually recruited by a mysterious spy agency, their roles grant them a peek into a world of opulence, espionage, globetrotting, and the allure of a coveted brownstone residence in New York City.This would mark Childish Gambino’s second show for Prime Video, following the success of his series Swarm, which was released in March.Acknowledging his role as the co-creator of the series, Donald revealed a surprising revelation about himself: he confessed to having never watched Brad and Angelina’s movie, deeming it “sacrilege.” It was only when a friend secured the rights to the film and presented the show concept to him that he delved into the source material.Donald clarified that the divergence between their show and the original movie is beneficial for the audience.

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