Majid Jordan Doubled the Vibes: Surprise Part 2 of New Album

After nearly a 2 year hiatus, Majid Jordan is back and surprising fans with a second part of their new album, ‘Good People / Afterhours.’

The album combines the group’s newest work with their most popular album from over a decade ago. The first half of the album, ‘Good People,’ holds nine fresh new tracks, including the two singles “Hands Tied” and “Waiting for You” featuring Naomi Sharon.

After releasing ‘Good People’ about two weeks ago, Majid Jordan felt it was not quite complete. To complete the experience they made ‘Good People’ into a 2-part album by adding on their debut album, ‘Afterhours.’ When released in 2013, ‘Afterhours’ quickly gained popularity and brought the group into the spotlight as it landed them a spot on Drake’s OVO label roster.

When they released ‘Good People’ alone on November 3rd, Majid Jordan took to social media to say: “We hope that you can live with this album, make memories to it, and share in love and connection with those around you as it plays. There is no rush, Good People will be there for you whenever you find it. With love, Majid and Jordan.”

Taking to Instagram yet again to announce the second part of the album, they said: “Good People / Afterhours has brought us so much joy. It brings us back to the beginning of creating these songs, sharing music that’s meaningful to us. We’re so grateful for our fans and your love for the music. Afterhours, out now. With love, Majid and Jordan.”

You can stream both parts of the ‘Good People / Afterhours’ album now on all streaming services.

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