No More Bodega Boys? Bodega Hive Ain’t Trying to Hear That

Is the brand not strong anymore? Are the bodega boys done? These are the questions tormenting the hive after some noticed some weird vibes between The Kid Mero and Desus Nice recently. The Bronx duo hasn’t released a podcast episode since November 2021, and Season 4 of Desus & Mero wrapped up at the end of June.

On July 15, the hive received confirmation via Twitter from Desus Nice “The hive deserved a better than this ending”, confirming the podcast is over. But Desus might have something under his sleeve as he gave the hive a bit of ease, “bodegahive you think I abandoned y’all but the art is coming back. Plz believe in me, I love y’all.” Mero kept it straight with the hive on Reddit, NAH IT’S A WRAP BRODY, SOMEBODY MENTIONED DUDE TWEETING THAT FROM SOME COUNTRY AT LIKE 3AM. I TOURED WITH DUDE FOR YEARS HE WAS FUBAR AND IN HIS BAG, PODCAST DONE ENJOY THE BACK CATALOG MY PALS.”

The bodega boys were seen this past weekend at the MLB Celebrity All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium and kept a noticeable distance from one another.

We hope the bodega boys can clear the air over some chopped cheeses and give the hive some art as we too are “passionate” bodega hive members and WE NEED THE ART ASAP MY GUY, RUN US THAT ART ASAP!

Update 7:09 PM EST: Showtime has confirmed via @SHODesusAndMero on Twitter the end of an era.

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