Released In 1986, Doug E. Fresh’s Debut Album Serves As A Relic of Hip Hop’s Past

The original human beatbox released his debut album, Oh, My God! today in 1986. The Electro style takes you back to the early sounds of Hip Hop as Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew interact with the “audience” in tracks like “Nuthin’ “ as it chants,

Alright, everybody over here, clap your hands

Everybody on this side, clap your hands

Everybody in the front, clap your hands

Everybody behind me, clap your hands

Although the raps are basic, the art of the guiding MC is preserved in this album alongside beatboxing, which serves as an instrumental component in the production. Captured on wax is a tracklist meant for live performance, not the recording studio. However, it’s still considered a classic with Slick Rick appearing on “The Show.”

Album cover for Oh, My God!
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