ko aka koala Puts The Word Sarcasm In Sexy On Her New EP: Chef’s Kiss

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When it comes to sex appeal & charisma, ko aka koala, has been kicking ass in the alt pop underground scene and taking names proving she’s ready to do what it takes to be the next pop-icon. The DIY pop star expands the boundaries of what defines pop by cultivating humor into magnetism with songs like “boing!,””my fucked up fantasy” and “my brain is mushy.” At the start of this month, ko aka koala dropped her new EP Chef’s Kiss which breathes an ethereality to Electric-R&B-Pop.

Though sarcasm through lyrics is part of ko aka koala’s appeal, it goes further than that as she exudes a glamourous lure. The album showcases ko aka koala’s feelings about sexuality with one of the hottest tracks on the album being “Sorry In Advance.” On the bridge, ko aka koala sings “..I know the planet’s dyin’, but honestly I’m thrivin, Maybe I’m the reason why the temperatures are risin’..” proving her talent to combine sultry dance moves with a good sense of humor. Chef’s Kiss is the new addition to her aims towards the top with 121k cult-like following on IG and a fanbase from all over the world where recently she performed in Los Angeles at the Heav3n x King Kong event.

“Sorry In Advance” is featured twice as the intro and outro on ko aka koala’s Chef’s Kiss. Though the song is issued twice, it’s tough to choose a favorite as both versions provide ko aka koala’s exemplary range in style & sound with both being equally catchy. The rhythm & bpm on both versions of “Sorry In Advance” are a sedative to the ears as ko aka koala’s spell-casting voice over the melodies create a soothing calm as the music video displays further not only her sensuality but also her humor.

The music video for “Sorry In Advance,” boasts ko’s comedic skills exhibiting what it would be like if a show like The Office were to make a sexy music video. 

The focus track (Prod. by Stefan Ponce (Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper) encapsulates the deeper message woven into the fun: “’stoptryingtohavesexwithmeis a very blunt statement – it’s not normally what you would say when you’re rejecting someone but it is what you’re thinking. I wanted to tell people (and myself) to not be afraid to be straightforward when turning someone down and also to not feel obligated to water down your sexuality or yourself in order to avoid harassment.”

Give ko aka koala’s EP Chef’s Kiss a listen and see if it hypnotizes you.

Check out Frank151’s interview below:

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from? Where do you currently reside?  I’m KO. I’m in LA right now. 

When did you decide to get into music and what was the process at the start? I’ve played music my whole life, but it’s kind of weird because my family never really listened to much music growing up. Usually I hear that people are introduced to music from their family. I was obsessed with it though, so I’d research different artists constantly. Then I got into DJing which introduced me to a lot of new music and genres. After that I started working on making my own music. 

What made you decide to pursue the alt pop music genre? It just came really naturally. I just make music that I enjoy and I think most musicians’ music is a culmination of everything that you like. 

Do you produce & write your own music or is it a collaboration with others? I do both. I have a home studio set up so I’ll produce or write and record demos, but I also love working with talented musicians because everyone brings something different to the table.

What’s your process when coming up with a song? I always start with the title so I know what the song is going to be about. If it’s a strong title, then the other ideas are easy. 

With lyrics, what inspires you to write on certain topics? Usually, I want to find a new way to say something or just express how I feel in the moment. It’s also really cool to look back at songs and be like,”I remember that time I was feeling that type of way.” They are like benchmarks in a time capsule.

How much does sexuality play a role in your expression within music? It’s actually not really intentional, and then I’ll play it for people and they’ll be like “Woah” and I’ll be like “Was it really that crazy?”  It just comes to be that way. 

How has music impacted your life? It’s made my life better in every way. I love expressing myself through it and I’m grateful for all the people I get to meet and work with through music. I don’t know what else I would be doing.

Who are some of your musical influences? Nicki, Britney, Avril

Who are some dream artists you’d love to collaborate with in the future? Rihanna, Erica de Casier, Aphex Twin

What’s one of the most memorable moments within your music career? Every time I’ve gotten to perform live. 

What do you hope people take away after listening to your music? I hope they feel powerful, hot, and maybe a little bit sad.

Provide 3 words or 1 sentence for each song on your new album:

      • “Sorry In Advance” Maniac Pixie Dream Girl
      • “To The Moon” For the person that you hate
      • “Mankiller” I don’t actually want them to die
      • “stoptryingtohavesexwithme” Because everyone is trying to
      • “Chef’s Kiss” Cooking is my hobby
      • “TAURUS” Well obviously, I am a Taurus.
      • “friends” (cover) If you have one true friend that you can really rely on, then you’re doing pretty good in life.
      • “feel things” Everything that I do is to feel something. 
      • “sorry in advance” (chill)Maniac Pixie Dream Girl on Xanax
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