Kodak Moment: From Probation to Prison

Last week 26-year-old rapper Kodak Black was arrested in South Florida for possessing cocaine and tampering with evidence; Kodak Black was taken into federal custody as he had violated his probation.

Being held in the Federal Detention Center in Miami, Florida, it is not yet clear when Kodak Black will be released. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has the rapper in their system under his legal name, Bill K. Kapri, and lists his Release Date as unknown.

Kodak was stopped by police for improper parking when they found him in possession of cocaine and trying to tamper with physical evidence on December 7th. He pleaded not guilty and requested a trial with a jury just four days after his arrest.

Officers reported approaching Kapri’s vehicle when it was parked on an active road. They were able to smell alcohol as they approached and found rolling papers, cannabis residue and white powder during their inspection of the vehicle. Police also said that Kodak Black’s mouth was full of white powder, allegedly trying to get rid of evidence.

Last Monday Kodak took to Instagram Live to talk to his followers about his drug problems, including that he spent about $350,000 on rehab, and the latest arrest. He told his followers: “I was on the lean, homie. I was asleep in front of my family house, bro. That’s it. That ain’t illegal.”

He continued to call the arrest “bogus” and claim that he “ain’t on that shit,” referring to the cocaine. He confessed to his use of Percocet after a shooting in February of 2022 left him with pain in his leg; he told his Instagram followers: “I’ll tell God himself I do Percs and shit like that, but them was my medicine prescribed to me. Even before I got shot and I had got them prescribed to them again, I could say that I had started damn abusing [them].”

Kodak Black finally finished up his PSA on Instagram Live, saying: “I’m working on myself. I’m working right now, homie. I’ve done went to rehab by myself without the court having to tell me to do that. Just me wanting to better myself. I got children, homie, and I have be here for them. I never have enough time on the streets to even be no junkie.”

With Kodak’s drug problems lingering it is unclear what the Florida courts will decide to do with the rapper. Maybe one more trip to rehab after this latest stint in federal prison will be what Kodak needs to get himself under control for his growing family.

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