Young Thug’s YSL RICO Case Takes Center Stage

The jury selection is finally complete and the YSL RICO case is ready to begin, with the first day of trial set to take place today due to Young Thug and his legal team’s request for a quick trial.

Young Thug was originally arrested in relation to the YSL RICO case in May of 2022 and has remained in pretrial detention ever since. His attorneys have been trying to get Young Thug released on bond due to the extended pretrial detention period having negative effects on his health. In June, they pleaded to the judge arguing that “this lifestyle has cause physical harm to [Young Thug].” Despite their efforts, the judge still did not agree to their proposal.

Out of the 28 that were originally indicted, many took deals while others were dropped, leaving only 7 people involved in the case. Earlier in the month, the defense released the witness list to reveal a laundry list of hip-hop legends. High-profile witnesses on the list include: T.I., Killer Mike, and Lyor Cohen. Other witnesses include an investigator, a sheriff’s deputy, an attorney and a cell phone expert.

In total, Young Thug and his team have assembled a list of 45 witnesses on top of “any and all co-Defendants in the above-referenced Indictment,” and “Any and all witnesses named in the State’s Witness List as well as any and all witnesses named in the co-Defendants’ Witness List.” There was also allegedly a motion filed to try to exclude the prosecution’s witness list, but there is no confirmation that that motion has been accepted or declined.

More case updates to come as the trial finally kicks off this week.

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