A Not-so-Fly Surprise Inspection

Yesterday as French Montana was leaving Cali, Colombia, the New York rapper took to Instagram to share that narcotics officers had delayed their departure to check the private jet for drugs.

French Montana posted a video of himself outside of the private jet while the narcotics officers and dogs exit the jet. He seemed quite relaxed, sending the message that the “Unforgettable” rapper had nothing to worry about. In the video, French Montana says: “Colombia, I love y’all, but y’all ain’t have to do me like this. Y’all ain’t have to have them dogs in there like that. Know we coke boys but you ain’t coke boys for that. They thought I was comin’ to save the streets, bringin’ in the big load. They didn’t find that tho, we good.”

During the video, French Montana is showing the narcotics officers and the drug dog assisting in the search while he smiles and jokes about the situation. He also posted 2 photos alongside the video of him standing and smiling with a narcotics officer and one of the police dogs. He captioned the post: “TRAPPED IN COLOMBIA! THEY THOUGHT I WAS BRINGING BACK THE BIG LOAD !! #cokeboys”

French Montana’s very calm and collected reaction to the search pretty clearly showed both his fans and the Colombian police that the rapper had nothing to hide, unlike Fetty Wap, who was recently sentenced to 6 years in prison after being arrested in New York City on federal drug charged.

Fans and followers of French Montana were happy to see the positive outcome of his encounter with the narcotics officers, some making further jokes in the comments including prompting French Montana to make one of the images with the officers his next album cover, and even calling him “Pablo Frenchabar.”

You can check out French Montana’s post on Instagram here.

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