Famous Japanese streetwear designer, NIGO has teamed up with Pharrell’s auction house, JOOPITER, to product the carefully curated ‘From Me To You’ personal archive collection.

‘From Me To You’ is set to include both iconic and unseen pieces from NIGO’s archives. With the bidding set to open later this month, fashion enthusiasts are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the big release. The collection is comprised of pieces that speak to the relationship between fashion, hip-hop and streetwear.

Known for his streetwear fashion, NIGO has included many items in the auction collection ranging from luxury accessories to denim pieces and collectibles. Some of the confirmed items include fine jewelry, watches, and vintage clothing; many of the pieces have been worn by NIGO himself, with others from his personal vintage archive.

NIGO spoke to the importance of the collection’s title, saying: “ ‘From Me To You’ is named after one of my favorite Beatles songs, and it symbolizes the time to finally release my most cherished, personal collections out into the world. Each item is something that I have spent time and energy to collect, and many I’ve been privileged to help create. I am sincerely looking forward to seeing how they are passed onto the next generation, and I hope they continue to live on through the next.”

He also discussed the vintage pieces included in the collection and the meaning that each one carries with it. He told reporters, “I’ve been wearing vintage since when I was 15 years old. There was a big American vintage trend in Japan in the ‘80s. The Japanese hardcore collectors were the ones who came up with the manual on vintage, and the culture still lives on today. The pursuit of learning from vintage clothing continues to inform everything I do.”

JOOPITER’s Pharrell also spoke about the ‘From Me To You’ collection and praised the prominent designer. Pharrell told the press: “We’re honored to have NIGO’s archive collection for this auction. Looking through these pieces, it’s like walking down memory lane for me. So many of these items are from iconic moments in fashion and culture, it’s a history lesson.”

Some of the most notable items listed for auction include an Hermès Orange H Clemence Leather Birkin 55, a pair of Vintage Levi’s 501XX Buckle Back Jeans, a first-edition pair of BAPE STA sneakers signed by Jay-Z, and even a custom-made Brooklyn Machine Works NIGO bike. The 2010 Birkin will go for between $8-10,000; the 2002 BAPE STA sneakers for $6-8,000; and the 2005 bike for around $5,000. Most expensive

on the list is the vintage 1920’s perfect condition denim Levi’s, which are expected to auction for anywhere from $50-70,000. Other high-priced items include luxury jewelry and accessories from G-Shock, Jacob & Co., and Gucci.

Global bidding for the ‘NIGO: From Me To You’ collection will open on JOOPITER on November 9th. The auction will last through November 16th, with items being available to preview in New York from November 10th-12th.

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