XXXTentacion Killers Sentenced to Life in Prison

In June of 2018, famous rapper XXXTentacion (real name Jahseh Onfroy) was shot and killed during a robbery outside of a motorcycle shop in South Florida. Surveillance footage shows XXX with a friend trying to leave the shop when an SUV cuts in front of him and blocks his vehicle from moving. The video then shows two masked gunmen approaching the driver’s window, shooting into the vehicle multiple times, and grabbing a Louis Vuitton bag filled with cash before running back into the SUV and speeding away. The friend that was in the vehicle was luckily unharmed, but XXX had passed from the gunshot wounds.

Last month, 3 men were convicted for the shooting and robbery of XXX – Michael Boatwright, 28, Dedrick Williams, 26, and Trayvon Newsome, 24. There was a fourth assailant, Robert Allen, who claims to have taken minimal part in the heist but was still present, and thus plead guilty to second-degree murder. According to prosecutors, Boatwright and Newsome were the shooters, and Williams was accused of driving the getaway vehicle with Allen inside of it.

Prosecutors were able to identify Boatwright and Newsome as the two shooters through the store’s surveillance camera video from outside the storefront. They also had the three men linked to the crime through videos taken by the men on their cellphones, showing them each holding handfuls of $100 bills, a mere hours after the murder and robbery.

Allen’s sentencing has been delayed until the conclusion of the other three defendants’ trial, but he is facing a range of prison time, up to life in prison – meaning that he could have a much earlier release depending on how large of a part the jury decides he played. This past Thursday, Judge Michael Usan of the Broward County Circuit sentenced each of the other three men to life in prison for first-degree murder and armed robbery.

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