Motley Crue Member Mick Mars Sues Band

Last October long-time guitarist of the Motley Crue, Mick Mars, released a statement to tell the public that he would no longer be touring with the band due to worsening health problems, but he was still a member of the group. After this announcement, his band mates released their own statements, yet claimed that Mars had entirely retired from the band.

There seems to have been tension among the band members for quite some time now, Mars’ lawsuit claims the group had created a hostile environment for Mars, making a habit out of belittling and insulting him about his performances. The band’s attorney states that Mars did indeed “publicly resign” after the last tour since “the band’s primary function is to tour and perform.” The members of the Motley Crue insist that their reasoning behind letting Mars go is entirely valid; there are multiple signed statements from members of the touring crew from 2022 that claim Mars’ performances created issues for the group because they were sub-par.

When Mars announced his retirement from the road, he also had announced that it was due to the intense pain from his Ankylosing Spondylitis, “a chronic, inflammatory form of arthritis that mainly affects the spine and pelvis.” Due to this disease, as stated in his suit, Mars can no longer move his head from side to side and “his spine is now completely seized from pelvis to skull.” Mars still claims despite his condition that he is capable of playing his parts perfectly and can participate in recording, but simply cannot handle the touring aspect any longer.

The lawsuit, which was files in LA County last Thursday, states that the band knowingly suppressed information concerning several Motley Crue enterprises in which Mars owns a 25% stake. According to Mars, the band requested that he sign a severance agreement wherein Mars would receive a 5% stake in the band’s 2023 tour (which he is not participating in), but Mars would be divested of current and other future interests. Motley Crue attorney, Sasha Frid, remains strong on the band’s stance that “[the band] did not owe Mick anything. . . the band offered a generous compensation package to honor his career with the band. Manipulated by his manager and lawyer, Mick refused and chose to file this ugly public lawsuit.”

It is unlikely that Mick Mars and the Motley Crue will see eye-to-eye in this situation, although Frid has stated that the band “feels empathy for Mick” and “wishes him well.”

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