The Munchkin Mixtape: Ice Spice X Dunkin’ Donuts

We might be saying Bye Felicia to Pumpkin Spice this season cause Ice Spice has arrived. 

Ice Spice and Dunkin Donuts have teamed forces to satisfy the thirstiest of fans with their new collaboration. 

The Ice Spice Munchkins beverage is set to join the renowned restaurant chain’s autumnal beverage selection, and it takes its fitting name from the Bronx rapper and her sensational debut track, “Munch.”

Munchkins have been a staple on office desks and a go-to for kids and adults for years.

America’s favorite donut holes were created in the early 1970’s as a way to use the leftover dough cut from the middle of the regular donuts. The powdered munchkin was the original flavor. Once they became a hit with custies, Dunkin’ Donuts developed an automated cutting system for their now famous menu item.

According to Dunkin’, the jelly, the glazed chocolate cake, and plain glazed are the best sellers. In delicious company with those top flavors, we also have powdered sugar, glazed blueberry munchkins, butternut munchkins, old fashioned, glazed old fashioned, powdered, and cinnamon sugar.

Ice Spice posted the announcement by uploading a picture of a munchkin with her signature diamond “Princess” necklace around it and the release date of the drink — which is September 13.

This might be a Munch(kin)’s time to finally taste the Ice spicy concoction which has multiple layers to the latte, which includes Dunkin’s frozen coffee, Pumpkin Munchkins Donut Hole Treats, extra Caramel drizzle, whipped cream, and more Caramel drizzle.

Ice Spice is a rapper hailing from the Bronx, New York City, where her musical journey commenced in 2021 when she crossed paths with record producer RiotUSA.Her breakthrough into the spotlight came in late 2022 with the viral sensation “Munch (Feelin’ U),” which gained widespread acclaim on TikTok. This was followed by successive hits, including “Bikini Bottom” and “In Ha Mood,” paving the way for her debut extended play, “Like..?” in 2023.

Ice Spice achieved her maiden entry on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart with the collaborative effort alongside Lil Tjay titled “Gangsta Boo.” Notably, her collaborations such as “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2” with PinkPantheress, “Princess Diana” featuring Nicki Minaj, “Karma” with Taylor Swift, and “Barbie World” alongside Minaj and Aqua all soared into the top 10 of the Hot 100. In 2023, she claimed the distinction of being the artist with the highest number of top-five singles on the Hot 100.

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