I Know This Sounds Crazy… Rodgers & Kardashian Connection: A Love Story or a Kurse?

I know this sounds crazy…Here at Frank we like to keep our ear to the streets. That’s why Ohstar has come up with a segment called. “I know this sounds crazy..” The latest hot gossip that’s been circling the wild wild web.It’s a sad day for NY Jets Fans across the nation.An MRI confirmed New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers tore his left Achilles tendon in Monday night’s win over the Buffalo Bills, ending his season only four plays after it began.The play was shocking for Jets fans but what could explain this phenomenon. A deeper dive into the circumstances revealed a shocking truth.Gossipy buzz about Kim’s romantic affairs reached a fever pitch this weekend after the well-known blogger Deuxmoi disclosed Kim’s latest romantic involvement and broke news that Kim Kardashian “allegedly” got herself a new boo, NLF player Aaron Rodgers. (Check out Deuxmoi’s post here.)I know this sounds crazy.. but if we know the plight of Kim’s exes there is always a bit of controversy surrounding them.Some may even refer to this as the daunting “Kardashian Kurse”. The concept known as the Kardashian Curse suggests that men who become romantically involved with a Kardashian often face unfortunate outcomes. It’s believed that the family has an adverse influence, leading men to turmoil and misfortune.The men that have fall victim to the Kardashian Curse include Bruce Jenner, Scott Disick, Kris Humphries, Lamar Odom, Kayne West, Pete Davidson and now possibly, Aaron Rodgers.While this is all speculation and most people don’t believe curses exist in sports. This might be a point to ponder. Every sports analysis is still scratching their heads over what happened during the Jets opening night. Could the Kurse have effected another athlete?Only time will tell how this saga in the Kurse will go. But for many this only add fuel to the fire.The Jets will move forward with Zach Wilson as their starter.

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