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The thing about music is that not only is it a personal experience we have with ourselves when we hear a song we love for the first time, but it’s a kinship with others who share the same love for that song or musician(s). Music can bond us. It builds community and within that community, sometimes family-like bonds are made. As family-like bonds are made, finding ways in joining forces is all part of the love and with that in mind, even wonderful collaborations could happen.

Fashion guru & young business-savvy entrepreneur Desto Dubb, owner of the popular streetwear brand That’s A Awful Lot Of Cough Syrup, joined forces with rising L.A. artist BlueBucksClan to drop ‘That’s A Awful Lot of Legendary’: a collection of merch inspired by the late beloved rapper Drakeo The Ruler.  The limited edition merch officially launched this past week on April 28th. The exclusive collection honors Drakeo The Ruler and reflects his undeniable influence & legacy on Hip Hop nearly two years after his passing. BlueBucksClan and the dearly departed Drakeo The Ruler’s new album LEGENDARY also dropped same day. ‘That’s A Awful Lot Of Legendary’ is a unique collection of limited-designed t-shirts and hoodies devoted to the legacy of Drakeo The Ruler and in support of the fight against violence.

Desto’s That’s A Awful Lot Of Cough Syrup is best known for their limited releases with Quavo, French Montana, Coi Leray, Cookies, Hoodville, No Jumper, Tia Corine, and more. Celebrity artist Drake marked BlueBucksClan “two goats” after their viral “Fire in the Booth”-freestyle. The group’s two members emerge from South Los Angeles. “Legendary” marks the duo’s fourth album release.

This past Saturday, the collaborators teamed up to host a special pop-up event at That’s A Awful Lot Of Cough Syrup’s Fairfax/Los Angeles store on the well-known ‘Melrose Blvd’ (7669 Melrose Ave). Next door to the That’s A Awful Lot Of Cough Syrup store, BlueBucksClan & Desto transformed his shoe store into a beautifully artistic exhibit in memory of Drakeo The Ruler where Drakeo The Ruler’s brother Ralfy was in attendance.

The event brought in crowds lining up around the block to purchase the new drop as everyone who attended purchased a piece from the collection. In addition to and as part of Desto Dubb’s support of small business owners, Desto provided an opportunity for vendors from the community to set up shop in front of his stores. The event was scheduled from 1pm-3pm, but with a massive turnout, the event went into after hours to accommodate all those who came out to support. The event eventually led into BlueBucksClan shooting a music video on Melrose Blvd. With the collaboration of ‘That’s A Awful Lot of Legendary’, vendors from the community setting up out front, fans in attendance to support the new collection, it’s fair to say that music is not just a personal preference, but truly a kinship.


Check out images from the event below:

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