Today, METTE has released the stunning video for her critically acclaimed single ‘Mama’s Eyes’. Watch HERE.

Directed by Camille Summers-Valli, the video for ‘Mama’s Eyes’ takes the track to new heights. Dynamic choreography provides show-stopping moments throughout, while home recordings featuring METTE singing and dancing as a child highlights the track’s authentic feel. It’s a beautiful blend of eye-catching energy and positivity.

METTE says: The ‘“Mama’s Eyes’ music video is a celebration of my beloved artist journey. It’s a window into my coming-of-age story, on how I discovered music, dance, and performance to be outlets of self-expression and a divine sense of belonging. The richness of this visual is in its abstraction of the song’s theme of ‘mothering.’ Dance is fundamental for me because movement is the first language I learned as a child and has played such a vital role in my personal and professional development.  Performing movement to my lyrics and vocals was a homecoming of sorts. Being a subject of Camille’s brilliant directorial leadership, through her lens I found a sense of kinship with my inner child and the artist I am today.”

Camille Summers-Valli adds: I wanted to make something that felt universal, with soul and purpose to honor the track.  The song spoke to me on so many levels. I was also instantly drawn to METTE. Her mind, art, her movement, and her body were such an incredible canvas to create from together. Secondly, it’s a coming-of-age song, it’s a journey from childhood to adulthood, it’s an ode to mothers. The desire to create a universal experience made me want to expand the film to archival footage. Something we can see ourselves in. Hours of scanning archival allowed Vid Price, the editor and I, to create these wonderful cuts that connect movement, emotion, and language. Finally, Mette’s personal archives tied it all back together to a personal place. It’s at once intimate and omnipresent.  The film is a journey from the constrained body to the free one, from control to liberation, from conception all the way to release. Everything in the video is packed full of meaning, metaphor, and symbolism. It’s the kind of video that upon revisiting, you discover more layers. Just like life itself.”

Minnesota native METTE is a triple threat singer, dancer and actress who exploded onto the pop cultural landscape as the fearless star in N.E.R.D and Rihanna’s ‘Lemon’ video. METTE’s artistic tool continues to expand with the release of her single ‘Mama’s Eyes’. Produced by Barney Lister (Celeste, Joy Crookes), the single is a euphoric mix of R&B and pop that explores METTE’s relationship with her mother and how it shaped her life, experiences, and identity as an artist. 

METTE was a long-standing member of Pharrell’s dance troupe ‘The Baes’ and starred as Justice alongside J Lo in ‘Hustlers’. She recently partnered with Alexander McQueen for their Sprint Runner campaign directed by Grammy Award winner Sophie Muller (see here). She’s already garnered key support from Dazed, NME, Clash, The Line of Best Fit, Notion, DIY, PAPER, The Fader, The Guardian and more. 

Born in Bangkok, raised in Nepal, and now based in Paris, Camille Summers-Valli was the winner of the Ad Age Creativity Awards 2022 Director to Watch and has worked across film genres, ranging from commercials and music videos to high-end fashion shorts, art films, and award-winning editorial for The New York Times. Her aptitude for dynamic visual storytelling has earned Summers-Valli an impressive list of legacy brand clients, including Nike, Adidas, Chanel, Burberry, Gucci, Versace, Hermes, and Jean Paul Gaultier. Her work has also been featured in editorial magazines such as Vogue, Dazed, and more.

The stunning video for ‘Mama’s Eyes’ is out now and is set to further solidify METTE’s status as one of the most exciting artists to watch for 2023.



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