Taco Bell Opens A Resort In Palm Springs

There are moments in a persons life that remind us what it means to be an American. 

Those moments when your heart starts to swell, you begin to stand a little taller and you have this deep elated smile. For some it is watching their home team win a championship, for others it was planting the American flag on the moon, seeing Sully land a plane in the east river, or even watching the Macys fireworks display on the 4th of July. 

In the same spirit of greatness, the reason we stormed the beach at Normandy or sailed across the Atlantic was to create a new path that lead to happiness. We now stand before possibly the on of the biggest events of our lifetime.  

THE BELL a Taco Bell hotel and resort. That is right you heard it correctly a TACO MOTHR F$%^& BELL resort .  This is no fantasy dream people, this euphoric oasis is real! It is The Bell, which is taking over the V Palm Springs Hotel, it will open its doors August 8 and close August 12. 

Now clearly, we will sacrifice a few interns and do our best to cover this landmark event but just know we as a nation have come this far in only 243 years (we will  fix that whole equality and happiness for all , healthcare and jobs stuff later). 

We know this is what our forefathers envisioned when they left their homes and families behind for a hope of a better tomorrow: A world of Cool ranch Dorito tacos , chalupas and now a magical kingdom that will deliver it all to your hotel room at 4am …… judgement free. 

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