SUPERPLASTIC Opens First Physical Store in New York City


NEW YORK CITY, ny.–July 28, 2022–SUPERPLASTIC, the world’s leading creator of animated celebrities, vinyl art toys, and digital collectibles announced today the opening of the SUPERPLASTIC NYC flagship store, located in New York City’s SoHo district on the corner of Prince & Elizabeth.

For the first time, the digitally-native company is planting a stake in the brick-and-mortar world. The store will be an extension of the SUPERPLASTIC universe  – bringing Manhattan a space the city has yet to see – where wildly over-the-top synthetic celebrity’s Janky, Guggimon, Dayzee, and more will interact with NYC fans through state-of-the-art holograms and interactive experiences, exclusive products, and digital goods.

The 1,300-square-foot retail and gallery space, which makes the most of every inch, is where the array of SUPERPLASTIC characters comes to life. The store’s exterior highlights the pearl white Corian and glass, drawing the attention of visitors immediately; and in total contrast, the dark hologram hallway offers an unforgettable visceral sensation for visitors upon arrival. The space opens with a pair of 10-foot tall candy-coated Lil’ Helpers, designed by viral social media sensations Janky & Guggimon.  The hallway connecting the main store and the experiential gallery houses a mesmerizing hologram of Guggimon getting electrocuted over and over. There is also a VIP space within the store that is highly exclusive. Only NFT holders and select SUPERPLASTIC friends and family will have access to this portion of the store which will also house exclusive products, art, and experiences.


Featured within the store will be a museum-like gallery showcasing the unique capsule collection of world-famous Ukrainian street artist & fashion designer, SSUR. The first collaboration between SUPERPLASTIC and SSUR will display his apparel and vinyl toy collection designs. Russ is a streetwear icon and creative legend.

In addition to the retail portion of the store, there will include a dynamic gallery and project space promised to be wildly over-the-top, luxurious, and interactive. This space will continuously redesign and feature creative art exhibits and SUPERPLASTIC partnerships with high-profile celebrities such as Post Malone, Vince Staples, Pusha T, and many more. Only once will SUPERPLASTIC create a store grand opening, but the ever-evolving gallery installations will be limitless.

“This space will be like nothing you’ve seen before. We’ve created an outlet for our characters in the SUPERPLASTIC universe to engage with their fans in the real world,” said Paul Budnitz, Founder and CEO of SUPERPLASTIC. “Imagine your favorite animated movie character being brought to life where you can hang with them during a night out. We’re doing just that but more. Our store and gallery will leave you in awe, give you goosebumps, and itching to return to see what’s next.”


The one-of-its-kind space will beautifully showcase the SUPERPLASTIC’s sought-after digital and physical products, including vinyl art toys, apparel, NFTs, sculpture, artwork, brand collaborations, and so much more. Unlike anything anyone has seen before, the SUPERPLASTIC store is going to be the new crown jewel of the SoHo experience.


SUPERPLASTIC is the world’s most exclusive entertainment company and top creator of animated celebrities, vinyl toys, and digital collectibles, and experiences. t. Dubbed ‘the Disney of the Metaverse‘ with 10M+ fans around the world, SUPERPLASTIC so far raised over $38M in total capital and has built supreme momentum in brand notoriety due to a series of recent exclusive partnerships including those ofGucci, the legendary fashion house, famed celebrities like Paris Hilton,, J Balvin,Post Malone, Pusha-T, , and globally recognized brands such as Fortnite. In the last year alone, Janky & Guggimon have sold over $20 million in NFTs, making them the highest-grossing synthetic artists of all time. SUPERPLASTIC’s new flagship Manhattan store includes both retail and gallery space and will host installations and exhibits for new brand projects, partnerships, community gatherings and more. For more information on SUPERPLASTIC, visit

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