Spanto, Co-Founder of Born x Raised, Passes Away

In tragic news, Spanto, one of the co-founders of the renowned brand Born x Raised, has sadly passed away. Born x Raised, known for its distinctive style and cultural impact, has been a significant force in the fashion industry. Spanto played an integral role in the brand’s success and was deeply involved in its creative direction.

Regrettably, Spanto’s unexpected demise has left a void in the fashion world. As a co-founder, he contributed greatly to shaping the identity and aesthetic of Born x Raised, which resonated with a diverse range of individuals. Spanto’s influence extended beyond fashion, as his work served as a catalyst for social and cultural conversations.

The loss of Spanto is mourned not only by his colleagues but also by a broad community of followers who admired his artistic vision and dedication. Born x Raised will undoubtedly continue to honor his legacy and carry forward the brand’s unique spirit. Spanto’s memory will forever remain etched in the hearts of those who were inspired by his creativity and passion.

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