Jacquemus Fall 2023 “LE CHOUCHOU”

Known for his star-studded and jaw-dropping viral runway shows, Jacquemus has once again left a lasting impression with his Fall 2023 “Le Chouchou” collection. This groundbreaking showcase took place at the iconic Palace of Versailles, outside of Paris, adding to the brand’s monumental growth and celebrity attention.

Jacquemus chose the Palace of Versailles as the backdrop for his Fall 2023 show, a decision that holds significant meaning. Simon Porte Jacquemus expressed his inspiration and admiration for the historical place, stating that it led him to explore new creative possibilities while staying true to the essence of Jacquemus. By selecting a venue that few can touch, Jacquemus solidifies his brand’s status and honors the legacy of the fashion house. The location also reflects Jacquemus’ distinctive approach, as he opted to situate the show in the gardens of the palace, surrounded by nature and away from the opulence of the castle.

As expected, the Jacquemus Fall 2023 show attracted a star-studded guest list. Celebrities such as Victoria and David Beckham, Monica Bellucci, Eva Longoria, Emily Ratajkowski, and Claire Foy graced the event with their presence. This high-profile turnout not only speaks to the impact of the Jacquemus brand but also emphasizes the significance of the show itself. Only a select few, including Dior and Chanel, have had the privilege of using the Palace of Versailles as a backdrop for their campaigns.

Once the show commenced, guests were seated in rowing boats, adding an element of whimsy to the event. The runway showcased a supermodel sweep, featuring renowned names such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Deva Cassel, daughter of Monica Bellucci. The designs exuded an air of French excellence and regality, with white lingerie sets crafted from transparent lace, tulle, and silk creating bustles and peplums across short puffy skirts and intricate bralettes. The collection also introduced square-toe ballet pumps, a modern twist on traditional French footwear.

Jacquemus surprised fashion enthusiasts with a departure from his playful accessories and cult-staple bags that initially helped establish the brand. Instead, the Fall 2023 collection showcased more refined accessories, including new House bags adorned with a gold ring handle and simplistic leather bodies. One of the standout features of the collection was the jewelry worn by Kendall Jenner, which paid homage to Princess Diana. The necklace Jenner wore was reminiscent of Princess Diana’s iconic choker, a diamond-and-sapphire seven-strand pearl piece that she famously paired with the “Revenge Dress.” This reference to Princess Diana’s style adds a touch of nostalgia and reinforces the collection’s connection to French fashion history. Additionally, elements inspired by Marie Antoinette, such as tutus, polka-dot dresses, and big rounded sleeves, were incorporated into the designs, infusing the collection with a sense of theatrics and ballet.

Jacquemus showcased his mastery of tailoring in the Fall 2023 collection, with inventive designs that harkened back to his earlier collections. Backless blazers, jackets with cutouts exposing tutus, and one-sleeve detachments demonstrated his creativity and ability to push boundaries. The playful interpretation of royal dressing was evident in the conversion of tutus into micro shorts and their presentation as puffy boxers peeking out of men’s trousers. This lighthearted approach adds an unexpected twist to the regal atmosphere of the show.

The Jacquemus Fall 2023 “Le Chouchou” collection showcased at the Palace of Versailles was a groundbreaking event that highlighted the brand’s growth and creativity. With a star-studded guest list, pure French elegance on the runway, refined accessories, nods to Princess Diana and Marie Antoinette, inventive tailoring, and a playful interpretation of royal dressing, Jacquemus once again proved his ability to captivate the fashion world.

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