Soho Renaissance Factory (Part Two): Their Craft

The Soho Renaissance Factory is an artist collective dedicated to revitalizing and rebuilding New York City. Co-founders Konstance Patton and Trevor Croop (aka Light Noise) met at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, painting next to each other on the wood covering store windows in Soho. 

Most of Patton’s work revolves around her Goddess Project- “a series of portraits of powerful, imaginative Black women that embodies themes of adornment, attitude and style.” Croop uses glass paint that illuminates under light. Manny Pulla is a visual artist with prolific pieces across the city. Amir Diop is developing his own style called neo-savageism. Brendan T. McNally does contemporary portraiture, blending realism and abstract art. Keiji Drysdale is a multi-hyphenate artist who blends technology and immersive media. Sule’s work is demonstrative, on different mediums from plywood to skate decks. You can check out their work at

Part two of three of the Soho Renaissance Factory series.

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