Raja Kumari Ends “The Bridge” Tour In Her Home State Although This Is Just The Beginning

Written by Bernadette

The everlasting talent and one of India’s top female rappers, Raja Kumari, hit the final stop of her tour in her home state at the intimately renowned venue: The Roxy in Los Angeles, California. Though intimate, Raja proved her skills are larger than life and worthy to headline any stage big or small where we assume one day will include another hometown venue SoFi stadium; where Taylor Swift did a consecutive six night of shows earlier this year. Raja Kumari’s charisma & stage presence is equally engaging to a Beyonce, Olivia Rodrigo, Adele, Kali Uchis, Rihanna and Blackpink concert. Her performance is mesmerizing as her music live is as tasty as a good cup of tea with Raja Kumari’s vocals and band exceptional live. During her set, Raja proclaimed gratitude to her other three band members to which she credits in the collaboration of her songs. Raja Kumari’s broad range in style & sound both as a singer and rapper, caters to multiple genres from rap to pop to traditional & classical music. 

The grammy-nominated South Asian icon conquered the stage performing both new & old tracks to which at one point, gave gratitude and homage to legendary rapper & singer Sidhu Moose Wala who tragically passed away in 2022. The two collaborated on the hit song “US,” where Raja first reached a much-deserved million viewers as Sidhu reached an astonishing billion. Between the set Raja Kumari also discussed owning her own record label, Godmother Records, where she proclaimed owning her own songs, her own brand and more importantly, owning her own destiny. Both the chorus & verses to every Raja Kumari song instills within her fans to embrace the passion within to create their own destiny. In addition, through her lyrics and melodies, Raja embraces her own humanity and her multi-cultural appreciation in what has molded her into the “Fearless” artist she has become. 

Raja Kumari believes there’s a balance to everything in life not only expressed through uplifting, but also in the courage to be the best version of oneself. She radiates a strong body, mind, soul and spirit even teaching the audience a “protection spell” by interlocking both thumbs & pointy fingers. In between sets, Raja kept the crowd engaged enhancing the show’s energy and the connection to her music which is proof of any successful artist. Merchandise marking this year’s tour for her latest album, The Bridge, also indicated Raja’s articulation of encouragement as one hoodie that was available had “MANIFESTATION IS REAL” on the front and “ROOT TO THE EARTH. CROWN TO THE SKY,” on back which additionally printed below was “The Bridge World Tour.” Raja Kumari and her band wowed the audience from beginning to end where Raja stayed after the show for a surprise meet & greet to show fans her appreciation. 

Attendees immersed themselves in the entertainingly note-worthy performance as Raja Kumari has built a worldwide fanbase. The assortment of those in attendance proved that Raja Kumari’s music captivates people from all walks of life. One fan stated being a fan for years seeing Raja sometime back at another local Los Angeles venue where another fan had only recently discovered a song by Raja through a shuffled playlist on Spotify hearing Raja Kumari for the first time just three days before the show. Experiencing her live performance has validated that the stage is her home and was destined by the stars. Raja Kumari’s sense in fashion accentuates her wisdom, charisma, intuition and connection to the divine as the artist was dressed in traditional saree attire in a magnifying color of purple. It’s no surprise that whether her music is your cup of tea or not, either way you’ll be knowing her but we bet you’ll love her vibes and the music.  

Check out Raja Kumari at www.rajkumari.com and listen to her latest single with Sushmita Sen called “Sherni Aayi” (From “Aarya 3”). 


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