Queen B: The B is for Billionaire

Beyoncé is well on her way to becoming a billionaire after Forbes recently estimated her net worth to be at an astounding $800 million.

As of this June, Beyoncé net worth was estimated to be approximately $540 million, but with the incredible successes of her ‘Renaissance’ album, tour and film, there has been an impressive increase. The ‘Renaissance World Tour’ brought in an estimated revenue of nearly $580 million, amounting to approximately $100 million in Beyoncé’s pocket after taxes.

The ‘Renaissance’ concert film grossed $27.4 million worldwide to be divided by AMC and Beyoncé, giving her another $13 some million. Alongside her tour and film, her music catalog is allegedly valued around $300 million.

She also earned a significant $20 million as a final return on her brand, Ivy Park’s partnership with Adidas, which ended this March. Along with this partnership, Bey has taken part in a collaboration collection with Balmain and seen returns from her Cé Noir perfume.

With her and Jay-Z’s most recent purchase of a $200 million Malibu mansion, their real estate portfolio hits a large estimate of $320 million. With their Malibu home being allegedly the most expensive home to ever exist in California, their real estate portfolio’s estimate is not surprisingly the largest single figure in the estimate.

IAG Chairman, Dennis Arfa, told reporters that Beyoncé is: “one of the music gods.” He continued: “The business she does, and the amount of people that she draws, that she can do a movie on her own. She can do things most can’t. Beyoncé is big business. She’s a tremendous force in our industry. Whatever she does is very important and very relevant.”

With the jump from less than $550 million to $800 million in just a few months, it is very likely that Queen Bey will be officially hitting billionaire status in no time.

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