Farewell Flip Park

Throughout the month, Samsung and Skateboard GB have been posted up in East London’s Shoreditch High Street with their skate-focused pop-up experience, ‘Drop in with Samsung Flip Park.’ After 17 days and a busy schedule of events, including panel discussions, creative booths, and a “Skatewalk” fashion show, the pop up is ready for its final closing party with Rinse FM tomorrow, Dec. 16th.

For the Skatewalk show, Flip Park’s creative hub with all of its interactive booths were accompanies by a special catwalk that features ramps down both sides. The interactive booths include the GalaxyZ Flip5 and give fans the opportunity to discover the new technology with different creative activities.

The Skatewalk show was hosted by Fabio Dessena, or FD From the Future. Once the crowds of stylists, creatives and other fans gathered around the special catwalk to watch the show, Wall Street Mafia kicked things off, sending their models skating down the runway ramps. The Wall Street Mafia models wore baggy, knit clothes, all appropriately inspired by skate silhouettes.

Next, the Manchester-based Donkwear brand took the stage, bringing street art into each piece with graffiti-style illustrations and designs. Teef Machine was up next to show off their stylish tracksuits, followed by GVNMNT, who brought their newest pieces – deconstructed from Joshua Samuels and Palmer UK brands.

The combination of designers that hit the Skatewalk show truly reflects traditional skateboarding fashion has inspired the generation of today to carve their own path and make a new design language. Fabio Dessena sat to discuss this theme after the show alongside an incredible panel, including stylist Jacob Levine, creative director of All Within magazine Shammi Popat, and featuring designers Joshua Samuels and Stefani Nurding from Salon Skateboards.

Shammi Popat said: “Streetwear has evolved into a movement that has taken over fashion…it’s all about bringing opportunities to people who aren’t on a direct path.” The conversation evolved from the relationship between fashion and skateboarding to a conversation of content creation and the importance and power of technology.

Centering around the GalaxyZ Flip5, panelists discussed the most beneficial parts of technology and content creation. Samuels made the point that many times, “creating digital content is more important than the product itself.” He continued to explain that many businesses and creatives starting off do not have marketing teams to do their advertising for them; they have to rely on their own digital content to get their products out there. Oppositely, Nurding mentioned how much content creation has helped her personally more than professionally as it has helped her “connect with a whole generation of expressive, female skaters.”

To close out the ‘Drop in with Samsung Flip’ pop-up, the Flip Park Closing Party will take place tomorrow, December 16th. The Z Skatepark will be open for free skate from 12-9PM, and the closing party will have live music with Rinse FM and is set to take place from 7-11PM.

You can check out some photos from Flip Park’s Skatewalk below.

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