Nicki Turns Up on Kai’s Livestream

Kai Cenat gave his fans a pleasant surprise this morning when Nicki Minaj appeared on his livestream to talk about life, dating, & Nicki’s latest album, ‘Pink Friday 2’ – oh, and to dance a bit.

From general chat, to advice, to busting out a move, the livestream had it all. While playing Minaj’s track with Lil Uzi Vert, the group tried to teach Minaj a new move – but the queen ended up showing them some twerk skills instead.

The livestream occurred early this morning around 3AM, and Cenat only announced his special guest a few hours beforehand. Many were shocked and excited to see Nicki on the stream, with plenty of fans sharing their opinions to social media saying it was the best stream Cenat has done yet.

More fans and followers commented in excitement, saying: “Can’t get over the fact that Nicki and Kai gagged the live at 3 a.m.! And she came with so much energy!” Another commented on the pair’s family-like relationship, telling social media: “I want more Nicki and Kai moments together. The feeling I have is that Kai is like Nicki’s cousin. They match so much [and] they are so funny naturally.”

At one point during the livestream, Cenat’s sister and mother stopped in to say hello. While on with Minaj it was clear that the energy in the stream was elite. Fans posted to X to talk about how comfortable Cenat and Minaj are together, and even “loved the energy between Nicki and Kai’s sister and mom.” Others related the two star’s relationship to that of a brother and sister, saying “I love Nicki and Kai relationship omg he the slow lil brother and she the big sister that’s gon call you annoying everyday but really it’s her saying she love you.”

You can watch the full livestream on YouTube here.

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