Nike Puts StockX on Blast for Selling Fake Kicks

Nike is now claiming they’ve purchased a total of four pairs of sneakers from StockX, and all four have resulted in being complete fakes. StockX promises its users that it only buys and sells authentic footwear.

According to Nike, “Those four pairs of counterfeit shoes were all purchased within a short two-month period on StockX’s platform, all had affixed to them StockX’s ‘Verified Authentic’ hangtag, and all came with a paper receipt from StockX in the shoe box stating that the condition of the shoes is ‘100% Authentic,’”

Nike is currently in a legal battle with StockX, accusing StockX of “blatantly freeriding” on Nike’s trademark and goodwill with a service called Vault NFTs. StockX came to its defense, claiming its NFTs aren’t digital sneakers, but listings for physical sneakers that are stored in its vault and can be traded by users.

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