Op-Ed: Rap Lyrics Shouldn’t Be Used Against Artists in Court

Once again, members of the judicial branch are choosing to ignore the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which grants us freedom of speech.

If an artist chooses a medium – for the purpose of entertainment – to tell a story, how can that medium then be weaponized against the artist in a court of law, when the purpose of its creation was to entertain?

This is ridiculous and a dangerous path we are on. We also find it odd that hip-hop and its artists seem to be the primary target of such behavior. Case in point: Young Thug as of late.

So, we want to know, if this is where we’re headed, should Led Zeppelin have been dragged into court when they built a Stairway to Heaven? Did they apply for the proper permits and did they structure stability tests when they were building it? Should Led Zepplin have been fined for not having a ramp to the Stairway to Heaven and for not making it compliant with ADA regulations?

Maybe this sounds ridiculous, but how is this any different???

Now, we’re not saying all elected officials are part of this nonsense and some are speaking out. We just feel that there are plenty of other issues that we could be using this time, money, and effort towards rather than trying to lock up an artist for just trying to sell some records.

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