Nicki Minaj Promises New Album and Tour in 2023

In light of her upcoming album and subsequent tour, Nicki Minaj promised fans that she will “raise the bar to new and unreachable heights.”

This past Wednesday, Minaj was on Twitter talking to her fans about some of her previous tracks, their evolution, and her future plans. The new album, allegedly titled ‘NM5’, will be “the best thing to come out of 2023” according to Minaj’s tweet from Wednesday. Minaj has not released a new album since 2018 when ‘Queen’ came out, so when fans saw news of the project, excitement has begun to stir.

Nicki Minaj commonly takes to Twitter to connect with her fans; last month she replied to a fan asking what advice she might give her younger self. She told fans that she has “everything I prayed for” and would tell her younger self to “hold on” because eventually she will “have the best fans on earth.”

There is not much insight into the album aside from Minaj’s tweet comparing her already released songs. Her tweet entirely reads: “Oh yes fractions warned, SFG did what fractions warned. Red Ruby Da Sleeze MOTHERED so hard and is now the standard. NM5 is the best thing that will come out of 2023 & will raise the bar to new and unreachable heights. NM5 tour will be hailed as “genius”. That’s it & that’s all.”

Fans will simply have to wait until Minaj feels like revealing some more information to them, hopefully next time it will be a release date to look forward to.

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