Meet Christina Paik, Photographer, Stylist, Badass Multi-Hyphenate

After the plague came the Renaissance, and if there’s anyone we look forward to seeing come out of it, it’s Christina Paik. The photographer-stylist-consultant-producer-streetwear icon-and so on took some time to answer some questions for us.

Tell us about your roots in NYC and Paris.

Where I feel the most comfortable. My body might be in NY at the moment but my soul is in Paris.

You travel a lot, where do you consider home?

Anywhere with a bed.

Who inspires your work the most?

Anyone who can help me smile and laugh.

How did you get started?

I feel like I’m just starting.

Of all the hats you wear do you have a favorite?

Haven’t been recently wearing hats, but probably bucket. I’ll never forget Luka Sabbat once told me I was born with it.

What’s a staple piece of clothing for you / What do you wear for a day in the life

Hoodie. Gotta always stay cozy.

Fav kicks?


Fav brands?

CDG, Hermes, Celine by Pheobe

Tell us about all the projects you’re working on atm. Any collabs?

Working on a new project currently called CP SQUEEZE. Coming soon ~

How has the last year and a half changed your work?

Despite everything going on, I’ve never been so positive in my life. I took the time to reflect and really ask myself why Ive always been so distant and push people away. I was very strict with my branding not showing face, turning down press, didn’t even want my voice on vine even though that was only six seconds. I just didn’t really want anyone to get to know me personally and this translated to acting like I was always cold and not a nice person. I finally feel like myself and feel free.

And has it changed how you handle socials?

I was overly sensitive about being active on social during the pandemic. There were bigger things going on and I’ve completely removed myself from the social world.

What’s are some goals of yours, both accomplishment wise and impact wise

To make my family proud.

What was a “fuck I made it” moment for you?

……….. damn i dont think ive ever had that moment haha.

Do you have advice for other artists?

Never lose yourself, don’t let others control what you want to create.

What does it mean to you to be Frank (deadass, keep it real)?

I’m learning how to not always be so direct. Pick your battles, but it’s important to keep it transparent. Just trying to find a good balance.

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