Gaming Etiquette

  1. Teabagging your opponents is a show of dominance.
  2. If you don’t shoot the body of your opponent after turning on them, it’s almost like you didn’t kill them.
  3. Always fist bump after games on LAN. Not cool if you decline or don’t do it at all.
  4. When you’re stuck with a semtex grenade, run AWAY from your teammates.
  5. STFU if your teammate is in a 1vX. Don’t backseat game… It’s annoying AF.
  6. ALWAYS steal the enemy care package. It’s yours.
  7. It’s not all about you K/D ratio. Play the objective. Play for the win.
  8. Absolute and One shot are different callouts.
  9. Controller Players > PC Players.
  10. Always send ONE person to the home flag in Dom.
  11. Don’t steal your teammate’s tags in Kill Confirmed. They got the kill, it’s their tag.

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