King Von Documentary Back Up on YouTube

After being taken down from YouTube, as of last week, a shortened version of ‘King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer’ is back up on the streaming platform. The documentary produced by Trap Lore Ross, who has made multiple documentaries about gangs and street rivalries, claims King Von was a serial killer by connecting him to multiple murders.

The original documentary was four hours long and went through 10 murders that Ross connected to Von between 2012 and Von’s death in 2020. Since the shortened version was re- posted to YouTube last week, cut down to 3.5 hours long, it has already reached nearly 100,000 views. Ross details King Von’s childhood and rap career, while continuing to tie Von to the murders of numerous people, including fellow Chicago natives like Gakira “K.I.” Barnes, P5, Lil James, Lil Marc, and BossTrell.

King Von fans, family and friends have jumped in to defend the rapper and disprove Ross’ alleged connections to the murders. Many perturbed fans commented on the documentary saying it’s not fair to compare Von to serial killer Jeffery Dahmer when most of the murders Ross is “accusing him of are speculated.”

Others are defending Von saying that he was “not convicted of any murder when he was alive, so as far as I am concerned, he is innocent.” King Von died at the young age of 26 while involved in a shootout in Atlanta in November of 2020. Von’s rivalry with Chicago rapper Quando Rondo was the root of the shootout; Rondo’s known associate Timothy Leeks (Lul Timm) was the suspected gunman. He was arrested and charged with Von’s murder but released on bond by March.

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