Quentin Tarantino Confirms Retirement

After nearly thirty years of making his mark on the filmmaking industry, Quentin Tarantino announced that he is “ready to quit.” In 2009, Tarantino openly stated that he wanted to retire when he turned 60 and settle down to “write novels and cinema literature, stuff like that.”

Tarantino, best known for his classic successes with films Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, announced this March that he will be releasing his tenth and final film. Set to begin filming this fall, Tarantino’s final film will be The Movie Critic, which is rumored to be inspired by famous film critic Pauline Kael, although the plot will not be about her.

When discussing his retirement, Tarantino references his theory that directors “don’t get better as they get older,” and talks about wanting to leave the film industry on a high note. Based on the excitement that his last film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, sparked we can only assume that Tarantino will get his wish of bowing out of the industry gracefully and well-respected.

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