Alec Baldwin Wants ‘Misguided’ Lawsuit Dropped

Parents and sister of Halyna Hutchins, “Rust” cinematographer, filed a lawsuit against Baldwin, the “Rust” set armorer, the movie’s assistant director, and Rust Movie Productions, LLC in February. Alec Baldwin says that the lawsuit was filed for the sole reason of receiving “compensation” for Hutchins’ tragic death.

Last Thursday, Baldwin filed court documents against the plaintiffs, Olga Solovey, Anatolii Androsovych, and Svetlana Zemko, stating that that have been “distanced from Halyna physically, financially, and emotionally for years before her death” and thus they “have no viable cause of action against Defendants.”

The family’s lawyer claims that Baldwin asking the judge to dismiss the lawsuit is him “once again attempting to avoid responsibility.” In 2022, Baldwin reached a settlement with Hutchins’ husband after a lawsuit was filed claiming that Hutchin’s death was the fault of reckless behavior and cost-cutting. After the settlement was reached Baldwin believes that “should have been the end of the matter” and continues to deny any wrongdoing.

Hutchins was tragically shot on set while Baldwin was rehearsing with a pistol; the gun went off, accidentally killing Hutchins and wounding Joel Souza, the director. This lawsuit charges both Baldwin and set armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, with involuntary manslaughter.

Baldwin and his lawyers stand firmly that the lawsuit “is especially misguided,” and hope that the judge will dismiss the case given the family has been emotionally and financially distant from Hutchins before her death. The next court date is scheduled for June 9th.

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