Hakeem Jeffries quotes Biggie in Impeachment Trial Mic Drop

During last night’s portion of the ongoing Impeachment Trial amid increasing allegations of misconduct by Donald Trump, Hakeem Jeffries responded to one of his counterparts in epic fashion.

WASHINGTON, DC – APR. 9 Congressman Hakeem Jeffries on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol Tuesday April 9, 2019.(Photo by Jared Soares for TIME)

When Trump defense attorney Jay Sekulow began to question Congressman Jeffries, who represents Brooklyn and Queens, he responded with a record finisher, quoting the Notorious B.I.G. classic “Juicy”. After Mr. Sekulow asked Rep. Jeffries the question “Why are we here?”, Jeffries countered with a combination of concrete evidence presented against the President. After he did so, he ended his speech with an epic quote by fellow Brooklyn native Biggie Smalls, landing a solid finisher with the line “And if you don’t know, now you know.” Fans of truth and politics, as well as Hip-Hop heads alike rejoiced at this Mic Drop, a reference which very few fellow congressmen likely understood.

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